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    Default Instrument cluster

    Does anyone make a printed circuit board for the SVO. Mine has many issues and it would make sense to just replace it at this point.

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    Are there any breaks in the traces? It looks like there was some heat from the old bulb, LED's get rid of that heat. What isn't working?

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    I thought I had seen some at NPD, but just looking now I couldn't find them. So either I am mistaken or I am imaging stuff now.

    You can make repairs to your circuit board if you have a break in one of the circuit lines. Often that is all that is wrong. I have even seen some solder wires from one side to the other to fix a broken circuit. Maybe not the best option, but it does work if you can't find a replacement.

    If you need/want a replacement then I would recommend posting a WTB in the Classifieds. Most likely someone here on FEP has what you need. Heck, I might have one myself, but would have to look at my clusters to verify. Good Luck!

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