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    Default Think I can find restoration help?? '79 5.0 Wheaton, IL

    I bought a 79 Tangerine 5.0 a few months ago and have been contemplating what to do with it. After going over it, I feel it's too much of a project for me. I don''t know how to deal with all of the rust I've found. It's not too rusty but certainly a fair amount of hours needed to clean it up properly. I've listed it for sale, and have an offer from someone who wants to part it out, but I am wondering if anyone thinks I could find someone to help me restore the body. I am not going to drop it at some body shop and pay 100 hours to get it done. Would anyone, perhaps from this community, take some time with me and show me how and work with me to do it? I could pay them for their time and it would save me if it was arranged that I could do a fair amount of the work when shown jow. Hey it would be saving a decent 79! Appreciate any thoughts or ideas even if not down this line.

    The car is listed for sale on here and is under the research section asking what was reasonable to sell it for.



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    Is it all just surface rust/scale that needs cleaned up or are we talking welding in New metal? Just glancing at the pics, it doesn't look too bad. I live in West Virginia. I've seen 5-yr-old cars that were in worse shape.

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    That car is in beautiful condition. Don't let ANYBODY part it out - that would be a crime! If the only thing wrong is surface rust, it will be easy to repair. All you'll need is time, paint, and patience.

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    I would consider it a felony to part that car out. The worst rust I see is the tiny spot on the drivers side wheel opening. Are the floors and frame rails good?
    I see it has been painted once already so the biggest question is whats under the current paint job?
    That is surface rust underneath. A weekend with a couple good wire brushes and some paint would have things looking great underneath.

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    That would be a great car to restore. If I had the space I would love to own it.

    I learned how to do body work using books and a few online video's and practiced on a few extra body parts. I've repaired/repainted 3 cars now and saved a butt load of cash.

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    Paint and body work require as much patience as it does skill. Read a few books and watch some videos. A welder, grinder, and some basic hand tools will get you started good. Even if you do some of the work and pay a shop to spray the paint it could save you a load of money.

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    For the Tangerine car I ended up restoring, there was lot of work done by me. I agree with the others with the fact the car doesn't look bad from a rust perspective in the pictures as I noted in your other thread.

    Our car only had 55,000 km on it but was quite "rusty" as well including underneath, especially the parts where the undercoating didn't protect it. To date I have redone the easily viewable portions (the top ). The underside from the firewall back has not been touched yet.

    Eventually, I will spend the time to clean off undercoating and remove the rust. This will be a time consuming, tedious task. I may look at other options also. There are mobile blasting companies that will use non-toxic/clean products like walnut shell or even dry ice to blast the underside. I may strip what I can and then go that route

    This is an example of the underside right now. I will be replacing the axle with a Traction Lock eventually. This car is still fully functional and enjoyable in this condition.

    Nothing saying you cannot enjoy it as is. Do what you can, when you can. Forewarning: projects can get out of hand quick, so look before you leap. I really hope this car does not get sold and parted out. Good luck!

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    As most above have stated, the car doesn't look BAD at all IMHO. There appears to be some rust on the quarter panel wheel lip and that could be a decent sized repair. Most of the underside looks like surface rust or basic rust that can be cleaned, neutralized, and then sealed without issues. I would bet there are some rust holes in a few ares, but from what I can see none of them look like the require major work or panel replacement.

    All of what I can see so far is repairable and can be done by the DIY'er in their garage if so inclined. As stated above there are plenty of books, videos, internet, You Tube, etc. that can help guide you and show you how to do the work to save $$. The best advice I can give you if you choose to move forward with repairs rather than selling is to start small. Do some basic clean, repair, repaint on the underside/suspension that can be done in a weekend or over a week of nights. Don't jump off the deep end and strip the car apart for a full ground up restoration. If you haven't done that type of work before you have no idea what a monumental task that is and how over whelming that can become even for the most die hard and seasoned Fox Enthusiast.

    The best option when possible is to keep the car driveable and streetable, make the repairs slowly and methodically while not tearing the car down for more than a week or so at a time. This helps to keep you interested, motivated, and working on the car. Otherwise it will just sit and ultimately you will grow tired and irritated with it, then ultimately sell it. Besides if you keep the car as a working/driving/restoration if for any reason you decide you want to sell the Mustang it will be worth more $$ to potential buyers as a running/driving car then an abandoned restoration or parts car. Best of Luck and feel free to PM me directly if you have any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraithracing View Post
    Don't jump off the deep end and strip the car apart for a full ground up restoration. If you haven't done that type of work before you have no idea what a monumental task that is and how over whelming that can become even for the most die hard and seasoned Fox Enthusiast.
    It only takes 28 years and a lot of money from my experience. Not really monumental at all considering some of the great works of mankind required centuries to complete. But yah, you need a serious dose of stubborn and dedication to do a full rebuild. I concur with the rest of the advice posted, the car is not so bad and you could probably just work it over a bit at a time and enjoy the car as you do. Pick the most critical stuff early like suspension, steering and brakes to be sure the care is fit to drive, then work over the rest of the mechanicals and body, cleaning and detailing as you go.

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