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    I fell in LOVE with the Mach 1 back in '02 when it was first shown. It's about the only one from those years I'd want today. I did have its engine in my Aviator though. Needed the shaker scoop though. haha

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    There was a new one at the Knotts Ford show and its great looking
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    I missed the chance to see the original ‘68 movie car at Amelia Island this year. Kicking myself for that.

    The new Bullitt? Yeah, I’d drive that.

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    The Bullitt is interesting and all, but if I was parting with my money it would be for a Shelby.

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    Oh yeah I would rather have a gt350 or even a 13-14 gt500 but I think the Bullitt is cool. I saw one in person this weekend at the Edmonton Auto Show. Looked great but it pissed me off that it was on a pedestal behind ropes. I got to sit in a Hellcat but no Bullitt fun

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    When my green 13 gt needs to go it will be a new bullitt or that New green they have this year on gt
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    Seen the car today at Jack Roush Collection, Livonia MI.
    This is the story on a pedestal next to the car:
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