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    Got it. Thanks, Jack!

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    Interesting project Pat (though its distracting you from completing the four channel ABS on the '89 ;-)

    Couple of things. I may have some useful sheetmetal coming off the drivers quarter panel of my 85 LTD LX this summer which may be a match to your car, I have a donar quarter for it and was going to cut and weld below the belt line and at the edge of the door opening while using Fuser to meld in the outer wheel tub. Some lightweighting due to rust but I think the portion you could use is in good shape, certainly straighter than what you have and the color will match.

    Second suggestion is on paint. Instead of using off the shelf rattle can, you can get custom mixed spray paint cans at many auto body supply places that have the hardener in a separate chamber in the bottom that you can release into the upper chamber just before you paint. Get an organic vapor mask, maybe a disposable on that protects your eyes as well, if you go this route. Much more durable then a rattle can that relies solely on evaporation of a solvent to harden.
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    double post
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