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    Default 88 Turbo Bird rough start up

    I have a 1988 Turbo TBird, and the car runs pretty good for its age but it has a very persistent issue on start up. The car will stutter several times from 250 rpm to 1250rpm but will stop after running for about 15 seconds and run fine after. I have tracked down a few bad parts but nothing seems to be affecting the main start up problem. Timing is set at 10, it is a hotter coil, 8mm wires and copper plugs. I have taken the car to another shop and even they could not identify the problem.

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    Have you checked fuel preasure .
    I am assuming you are stating this happens when cold after sitting over nite ?
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    It happens at random. sometimes it happens on cold starts and sometimes it happens when the car has been running. I am running about 35psi of fuel pressure. I had this problem before, and found the alternator was over charging cutting the spark. but now it is back and it is not the spark that I am losing.

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    Check grounds.

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    How many ground wires are there in the engine bay? I have checked the, ground above the break booster, left of the cylinder head on the fire wall, battery grounds, head light and horn grounds. I know that I missed some, where else should I look?

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    I will check for codes, but I am going to put the car off to the side for awhile due to the turbo seals going out. Waiting on parts

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