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    So i got a 82 gt. Have done some mods to it .new carb, intake.underdrive pulleys .short throw sway bars . new rear control gears. Aluminium radiator.valve carpeting.aluminium driveshaft.sub frame conectors. Anyone got any suggestions on what else i could do? Motor is mostly stock ,trans is a t5.

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    3g alternator, electric fan, lower gear.

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    Drive and enjoy it.

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    Years of experience talking here . . . Keep the mods to bolt on/weekend mods that allow you keep the car driving and on the road until the GT has worked it's way into your soul!

    That will keep you from losing interest in it when modifications take longer than expected and the joy of driving is missing. Too easy with the cars to go head over heals with the upgrades/modifications/etc. and then lose interest and ultimately sell the car. Good Luck!

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    There is a saying that says "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!"

    As far as modded push rod 302's go the more mods you do the less reliable and more temperamental the engine can become. Nothing ruins your day quicker then taking your car out for a cruise and it is running like crap or over heating or any number of other problems that goes with high performance push rod motors. "Street-able" power for these cars runs between 250-300 RWHP. When you get above those numbers the daily driver/reliability status of the cars really falls off quick! Don't get me wrong, when they are running good it is a total kick in the ass! The problem is those days are sometimes few and far between.


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    I wouldn’t mod it much further. With the exception of the brakes. 87+ gt fronts and turbo coupe/93 cobra rear discs as a minimum. Stock brakes on an 82 are down right dangerous by today’s standards. When doing the rear discs is a good time to install an 8.8 rear diff
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