I just got my car back together, after the inside and wiring had been gutted by the previous owner, so I am working through each electrical feature making sure that everything works as it should. The headlight switch is acting very strange. I have the stock headlight switch, connected to a harness that is relayed, so the harness connects to the drivers side hi/low headlight plug, and that harness is controlled by dual relays and connects to the headlights. When I turned the headlight switch on the first time, the parking lights came on, but no headlights. Then, if I switched the high beams on, the low beams came on, and when I shut the headlight switch off, the headlights stayed on for a minute, and eventually went off.

My fog lights run off of the headlight switch as well, and no matter what, the fogs don't come on at all.

I am thinking that I just need a new headlight switch, but thought it strange that no matter what I couldn't get hi beam lights to work, and low beams only came on if I switched the stalk to the high beam setting.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.