This is a PSA, not sure where else to post it.

Hit the junkyard today and ran across an 85 coupe with most if not all of the chrome trim pieces. They were in rather good shape. Pretty rare stuff.

I did not have my phone or I would have taken pics. If anyone needs/wants these parts let me know. I am near the end of my rebuild so I have quit pulling parts I do not need or hope to trade/sell. Trying to decrease my inventory of misc. parts not expand. But if you are hot for some of this stuff let me know. Not sure what it would cost from the yard, then shipping and perhaps some extra for my trouble.

But these are rare. The bad news is this is a well known yard in upstate NY and 4eyes don't last long. Good news is it is supposed to get cold again which will slow down the scavengers.

Not sure how the parts will come off. Some were epoxied on. With patience they should come off without damage. Sorry again for no pics. And apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I just hate to see OEM parts for a stang go to waste. But nor do I have the inclination to pull them and have them collect dust in my basement.