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    Default Rear sway bar dimensions?

    Iím looking for a measurement on either a rear sway bar or the rear control arms. What is the measurement from one mounting bolt hole to the other side, inside or outside dimension is fine just let me know which one it is on the sway bar?

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    Mine was about 6" pieces when I chopped it up and threw it in the trash.

    Not really, I put it in storage. Chop saw with it and the other two there might be next unless I think of a use for the steel.

    On the street these these cars are much better all around without the rear sway bar. Just my opinion, but I've done it on two cars with night/day different results both times. Way nicer ride quality, and handles way more predictably when removed. Way less snap steer tendency -- that also comes from rear suspension bind.

    i will never run a rear sway bar without a panhard or watts link ever again.
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