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    Default '86 SVO firewall ground strap

    Can anyone provide me with a picture of where the firewall ground strap is on their SVO? I have been told the factory ground strap goes from the upper bellhousing bolt to the firewall (should be a small tapped hole to the right of the heater core fittings) which does not appear to be the case with my 86. Any help and pictures would be appreciated.
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    Here is a before I bypassed my heater core picture showing where mine is connected to the firewall.

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    After looking at your picture I went out and did find a hole in the same spot. It appears to have never had a screw or anything in it, and is a very small hole. I am assuming this is the correct spot, I am wondering how long the factory fastener is and what size. If you stick a pick through the hole it seems there is some sort of foam material right behind the firewall and also appears that it has never been touched by a fastener as well , kind of odd.Name:  IMG_0876.jpg
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    It uses the same small green ground screw like many other places on the body. I'm not 100% sure but I think it is a self tapping screw.
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    Now there's a ground problem right there!

    Friday 4:59 PM mistake I'll bet ya

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    Okay thanks! I will probably have to source something similar from the hardware store (maybe a short sheetmetal screw with a 5/16" hex head) since I came up short going through my assorted OE fox fasteners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic50 View Post
    Now there's a ground problem right there!

    Friday 4:59 PM mistake I'll bet ya
    Just as bad as a Friday mistake probably, car was built on Monday, September 23, 1985. Never paid much attention to it, but I have the new engine in and am about to install a new ron francis harness, then I remembered my 84 GT had a ground on the firewall, and realized the SVO did not, and looks like it never has haha.
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    As mentioned the OEM green colored fine thread ground screw is the best option if you have any spares. If not then a fine thread self tapper will work. Just remember to clean the paint off the area that the ground strap will make contact with. Most of the ground straps had the biting washer ends that bite/grip into the metal to make a good contact.

    It's possible your ground strap was/is there but used a different hole, there a couple of options on the firewall. Good Luck!

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    Default missed

    A wear item. Generic replacements work fine.

    Monday 9/23/85. Caught my eye. Was another birthday for Ma. She turned 50 something that day.
    Just drove by the Rouge, Miller Rd. DAP side, last night. Road is in bad condition.
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    Sunday was real nice.
    70 overnight.
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    Picture usual Monday call offs due to partying after effects, weather, vacation time off.
    DAP running shorthanded.
    The regulars were there, workers that show up every day.
    And the other half of UAW Local 600 who showed up, in various states of mind and attitude.
    But they cannot, nor are willing, to safely cover multiple work stations, especially in those kind of working conditions.
    Even if line was slowed down.
    So ya get the occasional miscue, stripped, incorrect, or missed part.
    Happens then, happens now.

    Strange no one caught the omission over the years.
    Possibility if car was restored, repainted, part was omitted during reassembly.
    Otherwise, the strap would be there or leave evidence it was, if ever.
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