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    Default 1983 Capri Electric Fan issues

    Picked up a nice 83 Capri L for my Daughter's first car, 55,000 miles, 3.8, Auto, AC, red on red. Getting it to run well was easy, but the blasted electric fan will not turn on! I know there are only three real parts to the system, the fan, the sensor and the relay. Usually I would just ground the senor to check the fan motor or relay but for the life of me, i cannot find it on the engine! I purchased a new sensor and relay but cannot find the location of either. I believe the sensor in the water neck is the gauge, but am unsure.

    Please help, I need to drive this for a week before her 16th birthday and the time is getting short.

    Thank you
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    OK, reworded my search a few times and found where the relays are supposed to be (under dash near the column). Still wondering where the sensor/switch is though. I will look at the one I see and if the wire is yellow/red I guess that would be it.

    Again, any help is appreciated.


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    Like you said it has a yellow and red wire. It’s in front of the engine. Likely in the fitting that the heater hose connects to on the intake. If not there on the other side of the intake
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    OK, found it all. This is just in case someone has the same question as me.

    Relay: Under the dash, left side of column, really low, easy to spot for it is the first thing you see.

    Switch / Sensor: In the water neck. Takes a 13/16" wrench and a couple of minutes. The yellow with red stripe wire can be grounded to check for fan motor and relay operation.

    Temp sensor: in front of the water neck (fan side) and to the left (driver side) and is well hidden if you have A/C.

    Hope it helps someone in the future!


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