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    Default What did you do to your four eyed fox today 2018

    Another year another thread

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    Having to notch motor mount on driver's side to fit block and dip stick . Don't really want to remove that much metal just for dip stick. Dip stick is canton universal. Any suggestions?

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    Nothing...well, I did register my 82 GT for "The 55" indoor display at Ponies In The Smokies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtmilsap View Post
    Having to notch motor mount on driver's side to fit block and dip stick . Don't really want to remove that much metal just for dip stick. Dip stick is canton universal. Any suggestions?

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    Is it possible to put a bend in the dipstick tube to better clear the motor mount. Maybe using a brake/fuel line bender to put a gentle curve that either clears the mount completely or just enough so that you can only slightly notch the mount?

    The another option might be a universal flexible dipstick such as LOkar.

    The last option might be to plug the Canton oil pan and use the stock block hole location and a Lokar dipstick. Good Luck!

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    I finally got the pace car fired up with the new 331. Had to fix 2 fuel leaks at the carburetor and an oil leak at valve cover. Having issues with timing and of course I had a couple plug wires wrong... even after checking and rechecking. I've been working on it late at night recently, due to having too much going on. But despite all the issues (plug wires, timing, leaks, coolant temp gauge not working, starter relay trigger wire went dead for some reason, new fan controller not working) it fired up on the first try. Will be another month before I can start working the bugs out. I go back out on the river tomorrow. When I get back, I'm planning on swapping in an 8.8 rear, fixing all the bugs, and then getting it in the paint shop.

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    I finished up the touch-up painting on my engine bay. I removed the a/c holes in the firewall since the car won't have a/c wit the new V8 going in. I have a couple areas that I would do more on if I go back to it, but for now it's enough to start assembly on the car to get ready for Spring.

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    Removed a small piece of floor, I can now see my transmission. And maybe change clutch from drivers seat (but I don't have seats...)

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    Found some blue seats after years of looking finally. Not the best shape but will do for now!!! Now for the back seat.
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    Today we went surfing, but, not at where the photo is taken.
    The drive was great and the surf was very ordinary.
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    Smiled at it, while accepting to refurbish a real nice old Holley 750 double pumper, and taking a new 351W rear sump oil pan, pickup, dipstick and tube as part payment...
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    I have done nothing lately because Me and My Wife Finally bought a House. Will be updating the Mustang build soon, but have a lot of stuff going on at this time.
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    No progress on my 1/2 million mile 1986 GT which just might be a "Rustang" .......

    Organized parts in the storage unit for my 1985-006 Saleen clone yesterday. Amazing how different the car looks when holding up Early 85 "made of unobtanium" rear spats. The real deal early 85 parts are going to look absolutely great on the old gal.

    Today it's dispose of nasty old clapped out 16" tires and get my 1990 30K mile 5.0L and all the other parts together for a little road trip.

    Next stop, restoration shop!

    Can't wait!!

    If anyone has the doors and roof parts to swap to T tops or a nice complete rust free sunroof equipped top they are looking to sell, I would entertain a discussion on price. Otherwise 1985-006 will be a hard top car.

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    Only a little more rust fixing, and then I really need to start welding...

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