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    Finally trying to get the SVO running. Everything is pretty much new. Iím not getting spark when cranking. It gives me a small jolt when I stop cranking. Iíve swapped in a known good ignition switch, distributor and coil. Still no go. This is an LA3 swap. I double checked my pin swap. What does the computer need to see from which sensors. Does the computer send a signal to the pip or tfi to fire off the coil? I have 12v at the coil w the key on. I also have 2 wires at the tfi w 12v but one powers up while cranking. I also see a resistor wire on the - side of the coil. Last thing...looking at the wiring diagram it says the wiring to the distributor goes thru a breaker less ignition that the same as the TFI? Because the plugs they call out on the diagram donít look to match anything in my wiring harness.

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    Yes , breakerless ignition , is the tfi.
    Have you set the distributor and rotor to tdc ? Try bumping up the advanca a bit .
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    Check for the injectors firing. If the injectors don't fire, then something is messed up in either the pip or tfi. Could help pinpoint wiring issues.
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    Injectors are firing. I have a wiring issue somewhere between the pip and the ecu. If I pull the spout I get full spark. So Iím willing to guess that the pip signal isnít getting back to the computer.

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    So, what codes does the computer pull up?

    If a sensor isn't working to the point the car won't start, it should probably be throwing a code.
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    Went and bought a new TFI plug harness from NAPA this morning. Rewired everything up to the strut tower including all the grounds at the battery. Fired right up. [URL][]

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