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    My sister had one of these bad in the early 2000s and it was a pos. But my buddy's wife had one that lasted a long time.
    Good luck with it!

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    At the suggestion of the manager of the dealer I went with Coast to Coast auto transport.

    Not the cheapest - going to cost $685 COD - but they checked out when I looked into them and have a good reputation.

    Ill comment on the experience once I receive the car.

    I see a Bluetooth system or entirely new head unit install in my near future.

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    That's a nice looking car for a teenagers first one!. Time for a road trip with her to go get it.

    I used to work with a guy who had one for several years. Stick shift and got beat on hard regularly and was always reliable. I don't know what engine it had but he was fond of the car. Good luck with yours.

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    Thanks. It should get here tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how it goes with the transport company.

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    The car got here today. The auto transport company was outstanding to work with albeit weather here did slow their delivery window down by a day. Their driver and dispatch stayed in touch and the truck showed up when they confirmed it would. Not a scratch on it.Name:  IMG_5459.jpg
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    Very happy daughter a few hours later just before we went for another driving lesson. This time in the Cougar!

    so far I'm very happy with the decision to pick up this car. She loves it and it's as nice in person as it looks in the pictures, probably nicer
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    Passenger side shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic50 View Post
    Passenger side shot.
    I love the stance and profile of that car!
    Also, that car looks great. The paint looks much better than it did in the lousy listing photos.
    Plus, imho, with ABS and traction control, that's the type of car that you want for your daughter.

    Congratulations on the purchase!
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    Congrats. Teenager and first car equates to exciting times.

    Residential delivery, cool. At least one of the other cars on the transport is... interesting.

    I don't understand when people state "car is too far away." If it is the right car, go for it. Often there are people here who will look at it for you. Or members of local Mustang clubs enjoy doing this. Transport costs are often very reasonable. This can work especially well when e.g. you are in the Rust Belt but the car you are chasing is in a rust-free area of the country.


    When the weather improves, I see a honey-do project in your front yard, unless you are instead about 300 days early?
    Bob in Lebanon, TN
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    Yea, totally gotta go! The stakes are frozen into the ground solid. I travel a ton for work and it's been in single digits or below every time I've been home ever since late December.

    im about ready to put my metal 5 gallon bucket on my camp burner and boil some water. That will thaw the ground. Of course what I should do is find the safe temp for grass or wait. Last time I used that trick I burned dead spots into my lawn.

    I broke my flame thrower a while ago..... notcthat it would be much better. Just smaller holes in the lawn. Think I'll wait.

    "high" of 28 today then snow starts around 5. Single digits roll in as it dumps, then it stays there the next several days. If you don't like the weather in Nebraska.... wait 5 minutes. It will either get better (yea, right) or remind you to ask yourself why the hell you live here! I would say for the jobs but my wife and I both work from home so at this point it's just where the kids have always went to school. A temporary factor no doubt.

    Gotta be too stubborn to freeze to death and too dumb to move if you live here. Or is that the other way around?! Lol

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    The car came from Idaho and was apparently garage kept and mostly driven on the highway. The leather wrap steering wheel still looks new. The car is clean as a whistle underneath. Not so much as rust on bolt heads. Crazy for a 2002. In some ways I hate to punish it with a future in Nebraska with a teen behind the wheel. It has got to be one of the very nicest Cougars of that era around. Albeit many see that style of Cougar - the C2 - as the death of a legend.

    Had Mercury continued to make the old V8 RWD Cougar and called this car some trendy name it might not have angered the fan base so much.

    I didn't buy it because the name on it. I did buy it for the styling and the reputation of the brand based upon my experience and after researching this particular design from F/L/M. Pretty bullet proof. Great fuel economy. Good performance - I certainly wouldn't want any more from a car driven by my teenage daughter.
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    One comment on the car. I am 6 foot 4 and around 3 bucks.

    The car is small but the drivers seat is accommodating like most ford lincoln mercury cars are.

    This car has the upgraded seats in leather so I can't comment on the base model seat. These are quite comfortable, I could drive it for hours.

    It's very fun to drive. I would have loved to have one of my own back when I was logging so many miles on the road when I was younger.

    Braking is quite good - on par with my new MKX. My SN95 upgraded foxbody will put it to shame, but the cougar is very good for factory

    Cornering and stability and overall handling is solid and completely predictable. Overall vastly better than a stock four eyed fox.

    Wet roads, snowy roads, icy roads are taken in stride. No design based concerns.

    A corner a stock four eyed with fresh tires and struts took uncomfortably at 35 was easy peezy in the Cougar at 45 and doable at 50-55.

    For a base of comparison -- I've taken that particular corner comfortably past just under 65 in my 86 four eyed fox that's modified for spirited street driving. 245/45/17's, sn95 spindles, X2 balljoints, caster/camber plates, strut tower brace, subframe connectors, GT front springs, 4cyl LX rear, no rear swaybar. My 86 rides 1.5" lower than stock...

    HP and torque delivery are smooth and reasonably quiet. Power is very adequate albeit you won't win a drag race against more than a stock 5.4 F150.

    Run away mode decision would be get away in the twisties. Fallback would be run it top end. Has Z rated tires from the factory so governor is at 150. Very doubtful it will go much past 130 but I have no reason to doubt it will go that fast

    Interstate driving at 80 was great. Runs 85 under 3000 rpm, adequate pickup and uphill power, minimal wind noise or noise of any sort.

    Showed 31.5 mpg on the highway at 60 across several miles. Reset and it showed 28 at 80. In town showed 23.

    Seems like a good solid all weather daily

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    past foxes -
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    Wife also had a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe in the 90's.

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