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    Any updates on this? Still intrested in a Capri rear spoiler.

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    So am I, need the ASC wing...... but here is a thought...... how about a "BI ASC Wing" for the bubble back? like the svo
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    Quote Originally Posted by NAVYCAT View Post
    So am I, need the ASC wing...... but here is a thought...... how about a "BI ASC Wing" for the bubble back? like the svo
    Now THAT would look good.
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    I think a Saleen style lower air dam would be cool for 79-82 Mustangs and 79-86 Capris. Someone would have to fabricate one from an original mustang one to adapt it to the Capri bumper.

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    How about some interior parts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hec332 View Post
    How about some interior parts?
    I hadn't really considered doing interior since it's the same as Mustang and I figured anything Mustang has probably already been done. I am not opposed though.
    FML. Lets try this one more time.

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    I'm on a bit of a amateur quest to make some reproduction Capri parts. Got frustrated with not being able to find rear marker moldings for my Capri. In looking for them I found that I wasn't the only one and that most of them are very hard to get unless your lucky enough to find a Capri in a junkyard with them still intact. I've got moldings for each side in good shape with good mounts for 83-84. I've got some 85-86 rear moldings in the mail as well in good shape. I wanted to see about scanning these and printing them in ABS. At this point I've got the moldings I need to copy now I just need to see if printing these would be profitable and if it's going to come out looking good. I was going to experiment on my own making moldings for my Capri and see what comes of that. Any advice would be great. I'm not sure if people really would even want these if I made some.

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    TheCrippler,I would be interested in the side marker parts as well.
    I'm running with one good one, and 4 mounting screws left on the other side.
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