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    Default '86 mustang gt; 25k original miles

    This car is offered on Ebay as an auction:

    The auction starts at $4000. If you don't want to bid the auction, the price is $7,000.

    The car is located in Dumfries, VA.

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    Here is the text of my auction on EBay:

    This is it, I am selling my 1986 Mustang GT. I first saw her on a country road in 2014, calling out to me to buy her. She needed some love then. She ran but lacked the finer points that held her back from her former greatness. This was an all original 5.0 Mustang. It called for great attention to detail. My mechanic installed a new main drive belt, spark plugs, and a distributor. My sons and I performed the following over the course of several months:New brakes: front rotors and pads, rear shoes, bled brake fluid
    Freshened-up the interior: new headliner, sun visors, and dash top
    Fixed electrical problems: fixed Marchal fog lights, map light, fuel gauge (sending unit).
    This was all that we needed for this Mustang GT to be well again.

    Three and one half years later, we have driven her 9,000 miles in total, changed the oil three times, and passed three Virginia state inspections. This year we upgraded the factory air (which didn't work) to a new system that takes R-134. We have gotten the air to blow cold, but have been somewhat confounded by a system leak that we have not yet corrected. We replaced the power window motors, and they may need to be replaced again. I will include one window motor which I purchased but have not had time to install.

    I drove the car this week on about a 30 mile round-trip; local roads and interstate. I used the cruise control, which still works. The exhaust is the original factory dual exhaust (1986 was the first year of dual exhaust on the fox body, also the first fuel injected GT/5.0), which should give you an indication of the state of this car. I would add that the tailpipe (behind the mufflers) is finally rusting and should be the next thing to be replaced. This car is one of the most original fox body specimens you will find.

    She runs great and has not needed to return to my mechanic during this time. We have taken this restoration as far as we can. If I had paint skills or knew a good body shop, then we would choose body work next. Not that it's in bad shape, but there are a few paint bubbles that indicate some rust beneath the surface (limited to rear hatch). A dinged rear bumper and front air dam, and one very curious ding on the fender. None of these are major, but need someone else has to get them done. A little body work and a paint job are all that separate this fox body Mustang from being a real attention getter at your local cars and coffee.

    If you like my Mustang, then you should know a little about it's history. Invest in a carfax and you will find that this baby was stolen in its first year of existence. It didn't surface until 12 years later...and wasn't titled again until 2012 with 9500 original miles. I am apparently the forth (legitimate) owner, and the 24,400 miles are original miles. Because this car was once stolen, by policy it will always carry a reconstructed title. There is no indication that this auto was ever in a serious accident.

    I have tried to represent this car in all accuracy in the photos, and please email me if you have questions or need to see something else.

    Local pickup or you ship it. I have loved this car and have made it better. If you can commit to the body work and will give her a new home, then submit a serious bid--it's a no-reserve auction. If not, I hope that you have enjoyed reading our story.
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    State your asking price. Asking price is required.

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    As stated in the ad: The auction starts at $4000.

    Right now that would be the high bid

    In case an absolute price is required, I would take $7,000 and end the auction, thanks!
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    Yes, an absolute price is required.

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    Yes, the car is still for sale.

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    Would you please PM your phone number . Thanks

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    an interesting car and history that I've seen in person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vascj View Post
    an interesting car and history that I've seen in person.
    i was wondering about the interior color. The headrest, console & other non fabric trim pieces look tan, but the fabric interior pieces seem to be gray. It could be the light or it could just be just the way they aged. What did it look like to you? Thanks

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    It’s tan with the normal fading in all different shades of tan/gray.

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    The seats are two-tone grey with red piping. Original fabric all, and yes there is fading. This car sat unregistered for 20+ years and must have soaked up some sun.

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    The seats were tan however that tan faded to this over time. Notice the center is lighter than the outer. The dye used never seemed to hold up well in any car. Headrest also tan.

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    It seems strange to me that tan seats would fade out to being completely grey, yet the piping is still bright red. Wouldn't it have faded to a dull red also?
    I never seem to get the nut that holds the steering wheel fixed

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