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    Default Looking for help for Holley 570 SA CARB EXPERTS

    I am new to tuning carburetors and i am building a motor for my 1985 mustang gt convertible.

    I am looking for what i should do for a base tune on my holly 570 street avenger carburetor.

    The carb is originally from a custom boat with a chevy 350 and i had it running on the stock 5.0 f.i. HO motor but never got it to work good.

    The new motor's setup is, 1988 factory 302 block, Factory 1985 Rotating assembly with new rings and bearings, arp main bolts, head bolts, rocker studs and rod bolts. It is running a Comp 35-226-3 Cam and lifters:

    Cam Specs:
    lift: .512, .512
    231,231 duration @.050
    110 lsa
    comp 972-16
    Comp 3/8"
    Rocker arms:
    Comp 17044-16

    Factory 1967 351w
    Intake valve: 1.870
    Exhaust valve: 1.570
    Compression ratio: ~9.4:1

    Pertronix Flamethrower ignitor II

    Intake Manifold:
    Weiand Stealth Intake (non-polished)

    The car will weigh between 2500 and 2800 lbs with a wct5 from a 1986 svo and factory 8" rear end with a 3.27:1 Ratio
    it will be running premium only. And i want it to be as driveable as possible given the cam. I dont want it to break 350hp and it will not be running slicks or likely even performance tires.

    I am looking for what would be a good starting place in terms of jet sizes, secondary spring, squirter sizes, squirter cam sizes, power valve, everything.

    I appreciate help thank you.

    Additionally i am aware of the downsides of this build and do not need to be reminded lol This is just the engine i am making to get the car running.

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    I pulled my 570sa straight from the box and it was perfect with the edelbrock Performer Rpm top end package. Best carb ever in my book.

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    That's basically the recipe for the Joe Sherman Racing Engines' (dual plane intake version) ~380 hp 302... with 2 degrees more lobe separation, about a point less compression ratio, and minus up to about 300cfm of carburetor airflow... IMHO, a common, inexpensive LIST-3310 750cfm would work very well on yours...

    Regardless, what's the LIST # on the front of the choke shroud? There are discrepancies between the handful of list numbers for "570" Street Avengers within all of their marketed and published physical dimension and calibration information. One lists a combination of all four venturi being 1-3/32" and all four throttle bores as 1-1/2", which happen to be the same as an early LIST-1848-1 that's listed as having an airflow rating of 465cfm... and other list numbers are a combination of primary venturi being 1-1/4" and secondary venturi being 1-5/16" and all four throttle bores as 1-9/16", which happen to be the same as most any 600cfm four barrel, as well as "670" Street Avengers...

    Rather than relying on their (unreliable) information for jetting and such per venturi/bore dimensions, please provide yours' LIST #, it's bore and venturi dimensions, and what components are presently installed within it... and then we should be able to at least establish a good starting point for it's calibration...

    The fact that it isn't new (new, in my experience, not necessarily being a better situation) means jetting or other items may have been changed or calibration orifices (bleeds, restrictions, etc) resized. If you happen to have small (#61-80 & #1-60) precision drill bits and a dial or digital caliper to be able to measure air bleeds, idle feed restrictions, and power valve channel restrictions, that would be even better for verifying/establishing it even being in the right ballpark for "tune"...
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