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    Default center console ?

    does it have to come out to change the auto shifter ? Look like it does but want to be sure before I do.

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    Just did mine and yes, it had to come out.

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    YES, it does. By now I'm sure you have it done though. If not, don't worry. It comes out easy.
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    The screws are all different so keep track of them or it won't go back together correctly.

    easy meaning......

    remove ashtray.
    remove screws at side of ashtray bezel
    Unplug lighter and remove ashtray bezel.
    open console lid
    remove screws around e-brake bezel
    pop e-brake bezel off
    remove screws by ebrake
    remove screws in bottom of the console towards the front.
    Also one screws towards the rear
    remove gear selector bezel
    unplug any remaining wires such as info center, etc.
    remove console and place safely in the back seat

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    Default Save a little time and work

    Possible to lift console over auto shifter handle with wires connected?
    Can do that with a manual shift.
    There is plenty of room to work in the shifter area without totally removing console.
    Leave tough to access and separate clock/g display connections connected.
    With a manual shift, remove trim, fasteners, and shifter stick.
    Place towel on drivers seat.
    Lift and move console over hand brake and shifter tower sideways, under steering wheel, onto drivers seat.
    Using D seat allows more access to work area.

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