I have a bunch of instrument cluster bezels for sale from a stash of parts I got with my car.

First is a wood grain set that is both sides, instrument cluster and above the glovebox, with good fasteners on the back of the glovebox panel, and all the extensions on the instrument side are in tact. I believe these are Ghia, or early 1979 to 1982 Mustang

$80 for the set

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Next is what I believe is a 1986 Instrument Cluster bezel, as it has the square grid pattern. $40 for this one, its in great shape with all vents, and the rubber trim around the column in good shape. I think someone removed the green film behind the turn signals, but I need to check.

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This next one is what I believe to be from an 85 GT, but could be from other years, as I don't know what exactly fits what. I know they are interchangeable and can be used in other cars. It has one missing tab on the left, with some deformation from what looks like a hot headlight switch. Still in good shape overall. $25 + shipping

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