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    Post '85 Ford Mustang GT/ 393 Stroker - $10000

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    Tan interior , but gray seats ..
    All the red conduit scares me .
    clowns to the left of me , Jokers to the right

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    Dear smart-phone users. Do you have a TV? Yes? Is the screen wider than taller? Yes? Then turn your stupidly-used smart-phone 90* [/rant]
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    Just look at the soot down the carb throats... a good (bad), no, a great example of why carbs get a bad rap today... tuning, or even just making adjustments with some brain-in-the-head, eliminates any such rich ridicularity like this (the tail pipes no doubt have a nice thick layer of matching black soot inside them... talk about stank runnin', yowza... and washed down cylinders/rings... )... going on two years of running with my converted CFI to Holley two barrel, and it's still as clean down the throats as when I put it on... sorry, I hate seeing this... I see it often...

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