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    Quote Originally Posted by Ourobos View Post
    The AOD is wider than the C4, even the 164 tooth C4.. If they fit an AOD, they should fit a C4
    Agreed, but if the trans crossmember is different for a C4 and AOD, then its possible that the humps in the C4 crossmember are narrower. I havent seen either to compare them, just thought it might be the case.

    EDIT... Nevermind, I forgot that there wasn't a double hump crossmember that was factory for the C4, since they only ran single exhaust. Also, in looking at CJPonyParts, they are saying that the AOD and T5 crossmember is the same, so it looks like I was running down the wrong road. Sorry.
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    Need pics of how the engine is setting in the engine bay. Also, a pic of the trans and cross member further back to see what we are working with better wouldn't hurt. Who's headers are those on post # 20?
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    I'm going to talk to a guy I know tomorrow about making me a tubular crossmember similar to the stifflers piece. It looks like the drivers side hump could move up almost an inch. That should hopefully give me enough clearance.

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