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    Default Sway Bar Bolt size(1985 GT)

    If anyone knows the size of the bolts for the u brackets that would be greatly appreciated! I have been struggling to find brackets, finally got an unbent set but the bolts for the newer fox mustangs have a larger diameter.

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    I just measured mine. They are 8x1.25mm, 32mm thread length, with a 43 mm overall length. They also have a flanged hex head and are necked down with no threads at the tip. These are the front bracket bolts.
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    On the street they drive way better without a rear sway bar - ride far better too

    just FYI

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    Thank you for the information! Quick reply too!

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    erratic: Street car but I am going for handling more than anything, plus I imagine the 85 rear sway bar isn't much anyways. Maybe I should try without the sway rear bar sometime and see if it is an improvement.
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