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    I would say design them to get glued in or retained in some way

    clips don’t hold all that well. That’s why there is a shortage of these.

    a thin band that is part of the cap and can smash out under the wheel hub would be pretty awesome. Put a bunch of epoxy on it then throw the wheels on. Next time around, print new ones.

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    very cool, The ideas are endless with 3-d printing
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    At 80mm/s (medium-above average print speeds) it seems a person could expect to turn out a set after every 13-16 print hours. I printed one out of ABS successfully and noticed another problem we will have to solve. I use elmers glue for bed adhesion, and ran the cap under the sink to wash the glue off. 4 days later its still slowly weeping water out (not shocked, just annoyed). I would venture to guess the long term effects of this on a car would be minimal, but it appears some form of sealant (spray on?) would be wise.

    Progress! I have a couple more tweaks to make to the model myself, from there I just need to make sure I have permission to put it out there.
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    I would like to see if the impossible-to-find LTD LX/Marquis LTS shifter surround panels could be 3D printed without being too rough.
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    The key on that is does anyone have one.....

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    Another piece to try making. Electrical connectors. They are do brittle after all these years that the tabs usually break more often than not when trying to unplug something. With all the connectors made the rest is easily obtainable to build new wiring harnesses.

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