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    It is a custom grind Bullet Racinng cam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john85gt View Post
    It is a custom grind Bullet Racinng cam.
    Bullet Racing chose the specs? Your happy with the cam? There's a custom cam in my future, sorry for all the questions.

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    As far as I know, yes, they chose the specs. I had the engine built by a local shop about 5 years ago. As far as being happy with it, I’ve only driven the car a day or so and that was before it was tuned and running properly. I’m currently in Korea until June so I won’t be able drive it until then.

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    Here’s a video of it idling with open headers about an hour after we got it installed and running. 321924

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    I've got a Bullet cam in my 347 as well. It's milder in duration than John's and it's also a single pattern, but with the stock roller block I wanted to limit rpm to 6k since it's a street motor anyways and wanted something with a hard hit when I rolled into it. Pretty happy with this combination even though I'm sure my hp numbers aren't as impressive.


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    that's a solid 10 sec combo if you can get it to stick. my 331 runs 10.70-80s @2990. gforce face plated trans and full interior. I tested the 4.30 vs 4.56 on a 28in slick... the 4.56 is still in but will be changing it back. I cut 1.45-1.49 60fts
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