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    Default How much to expect when getting a new Vert top?

    Hey guys, unfortunately it's time for me to get a new top. Motor for top works great but the vinyl top is just old and worn out. Anyone have an idea how much I can expect to pay for top and laybor to install a new one on a 86'? Also, if anyone knows a good place they recommend in Dallas Ft worth area? I called some places but only managed to get a price out of one and they said $1400 which I thought seemed high. Thanks for the help

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    1400 is reasonable if they do great work. Watch for things like not replacing the rear window fabric surround or inferior quality top, etc.

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    Yep.. And if you're inclined somewhat, do it yourself. I did my first one years ago, was an all day job to remove and install properly, but saved me a grand.
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    I was quoted $1500 for mine. Very good upholstery shop. I actually have a new top I wanted them to install but they wouldn’t do it. They know the product they they install and won’t use anything else. They’re proud of their work and stand behind it.
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    I had one done last fall. My normal guy was busy but told me to get it at tops The second guy installed the top without complaints. $400 for top, pads, glass window and cables. $1000 to install.
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    I did this back in 2011. Bought the top, pads, springs, etc. from one of the suppliers...can't remember how much but the top was on special. I paid a local shop to install it all that does all the local dealership owners old muscle cars. He stated that he had done a bunch of these back in the day...he's been around a while. $200 cash out the door. I did take the old top off, clean up and repaint attaching well hardware, etc.
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    well thanks guys it sounds like 1400$ is right on the money. Thanks for the help. Ill update with pics when I get it put on.

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    If the $1400 covers everything installed (top,window,pads,cables), that is a good price. You might have to replace the header weather strip as well. I did mine myself, got lucky on a top kit with glass window and pads for $250. Cables were $45 and header weather strip was $70. Took me a total of 5-6 hours to do.

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    Make sure that you replace the pads.
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    1400 for mine done at a very high quality shop. Well worth not trying to do it myself.

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    I get stock vinyl convertible tops for $1000 installed and Stayfast cloth tops installed for $1200 installed on a foxbody mustang.
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    There is a guy just north east of FtWorth that told me around $600 for top replacement

    chris's trim shop
    3001 be 28th st


    i don't know him personally but he has good reviews

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