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    Default Can LTD LX front seat bottom cushions be swapped?

    I was able to swap the lower seat cushions, covers intact, on an early 2000s Volvo last year, just needed hog ring pliers and patience.

    Any idea if this might work with an LTD LX?
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    I don't know whether or not it would work with the LTD LX but I did something similar with my Mustang LX 15 years ago. The LX drivers seat had a broken frame giving it the "gangsta lean". I picked up another LX seat from a later stang for cheap but it was a passenger side. Took both seats completely apart and used the foam and frame from the newer seat with the original upholstery on the bottom and the original seatback bolted right on. Made a big difference in seat comfort while driving. The bottom frames were completely the same except for the adjustment mechanism.

    This may not apply to the LTD LX at all, and as old as this thread is you may have already figured out if this works. It would be good information to have documented here if it worked or not.


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