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    Default RetroSound Radio head unit

    Have any of you guys used one of these before? I have the factory two knob tuning AM/FM in my LTD and am wanting to keep that retro look but also want modern digital radio capabilities. So those who have used them chime in please!!

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    A buddy of mine has one in his '65 Mustang. It sounds better than anything factory IMO. He really likes it, and the old-school twin post look is nice.
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    Just completed the install today in my 84. Fit requires a bit of work with their facade for our cars but nothing a Dremel can't solve. Works great. Bluetooth Hermosa unit. Mine doesn't have a sub preamp out but my amp does so it's fine. Let me know if you want details
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    glad to see this pop up. I will need to do something stereo wise. would like something time period correct look with modern capability. details please. thanks

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    I'd post pictures but I'm maxed out on the account. Here is what I ran into
    1. Buy a Hermosa. Its relatively cheap and if you get an amp just make sure it has a sub pre-amp out because the one downside to the Hermosa is the lack of a sub pre-amp out. I got a Rockville mini-amp. Very underated cheap amps with tons of features such as sub pre-amp out.
    2. The stock head unit stalk surfaces are actually staggered. One is deeper than the other so when you set the stalk heights watch your angles. You'll be doing alot of adjustments to get the Hermosa to sit flat.
    3. Where the manual says don't overtighten the locking nuts on the stalks they really mean it. Look the wrong way at the locking nut and it will strip the stalk. I had to fight with Retrosound to get replacement stalks. In the end they coughed them up. Just be careful.
    4. Once I got the unit test fit and my stalks set correctly (slightly staggered as noted) I JB Welded the inner lock nut that sits behind the dash plate. That to avoid the stalk getting stripped during install when you tighten the outer locking nuts. Hightly advise this.
    5. The Retrosound facade will not fit without trimming on the inner faceplate insert. This is the Retrosound insert that fits between the Hermosa control face (common to all cars) and the Ford OEM face plate. Its not a big deal just expect it.
    6. My drivers side knob rubbed a bit on the OEM face plate. I simply sanded the circle opening a bit. You can't really tell its sanded looking at it so if you reinstall the OEM head unit the alteration is invisible.

    I was able to pair my iPhone to the unit. Just have to activate the BT CONNECT setting in the sub menu as noted in the manual. Its factory set to "off". Sound is great, no drama at all
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    Thank you guys for the replies, I'll look into following your guidelines when the money comes up for it

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