Does anyone have a idea of why after engine is shut off I am getting very strong odor of gas. It stinks up the garage so bad I had to adjust the garage door so it stays up a inch to help ventilate the garage. It is a attached garage so the smell works its way into the house. It is the carb for sure I have checked everything else and when I remove the air cleaner the smell is very strong. there are no external leaks out of the carb. It appears the gas is dripping onto the primary throttle plates. Float levels are perfect, engine runs great, choke works great, idle is very smooth. Is there any way with proper gas level in primary gas bowl gas can drip into carb? After it is shut off? Car is 1983 with 5.0 all stock original. Thanks for any help you can give. My wife is ready to give my car away, and I am tired of hearing how bad my car smells.