Honestly I hate typing this, but I need to use this as therapy and a request for thoughts and prayers.

For those that don't know, I have been down in TX for the past 6+ weeks helping out my parents trying to finish remodeling and repairs on their home, cars, etc. that my Father started but is unable to finish. The short version of the story is that my Father has had 2 bouts with Cancer, has only one kidney that is functional yet has to have a stint replaced in it every 6 months, just had a stint put in the lower blood vessel of his heart due to 95% blockage, has had a heart attack, and a mild stroke. The tough old guy is still here much to the surprise of the doctors and many of his family.

Unfortunately since 2013 and 3 weeks in ICU due to his kidney stint getting infected and him going septic he has never fully recovered. We have had to transport my Dad to the ER via ambulance twice in the last 3 weeks and last night is the latest. My father is having hallucinations, difficulty in staying awake & alert, mental confusion, and just overall not being "himself" The doctors have few if any ideas or solutions to the problems.

We went from the ER to a standard room last night and then due to inability to wake my father and other issues they transferred him to the ICU at midnight. I stayed until 1am this morning, but my mother wouldn't leave as she was scared to death last night would be his last. Not sure what the future holds at this point, but unfortunately I don't believe my father will be getting better at this point in time. I still hope and pray, but I am having to deal and accept that we may be running out of time.

We have taken care of the legal paperwork to make sure my mother will be taken care of and can handle his/their affairs without the BS hurdles etc. so I am thankful for that. Needless to say this has been a difficult time and has worn me out both physically and emotionally. I am also shocked and amazed at how well my mother has dealt with and continues to handle this situation. I won't say she's a saint, but if her patience, love, care, concern, and unwavering belief doesn't get her into heaven, I don't know what would.

I would greatly appreciate if everyone would keep my father, mother, and my family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days as we need all the help we can get. Sorry for the long post, but I appreciate the FEP members and family here that help us all get thru times like these.

Thanks Everyone!