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    Default My 88 motor will not turn on when hot. Bad grounding? Bad starter? Tfi Module?

    Hello fellow foxbody enthusiasts. I have myself an 80 that the 6banger engine was swapped to an 88 efi v8. I have noticed when I start up the car and shut it off when it is warm it will not start again. But now after I have run it and drove it around a little bit it started to rev really high past 3,500 on idle and climbing. So I shut it off because I was scared ****less and know it won't even turn over. Sorry for all the problems still trying to figure out the kinks. Anything helps.


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    I'd probably start by running codes.
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    those issues may not be related.

    you may have 2 separate problems. Assuming you used the computer module came with the 88, run the codes as recommended by haystack.

    And keep in mind heat is harder on batteries than cold. your battery may be going. put the voltmeter on that as well......

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    A revved up motor is likely either a giant vacuum leak or a stuck throttle.

    A blown brake booster will result in a 2500-3000 idle speed. So will a broken vacuum distribution block.

    When its hard to start is it rich or is it lean? Hold the gas to the floor and crank it. Easier or harder to start?

    +1 on codes

    where is the timing set at? Too far advanced will make it near impossible to crank - especially when warm

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