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    Default Radio preset repair.

    Does anyone have a link on what it takes to replace the belt for the radio presets. 1984 premium am/fm cassette. Also would probably tune up the cassette player with new belt too. Also where to purchase these parts.
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    I have two that need the band replaced. Someone save us.

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    Great link on the parts. I’m going to see if I can find a junk radio to disassemble before I try taking mine apart.
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    Carola Radio in Edmonton Alberta rebuilt 2 am/fm/cassettes for me. Did a great Job 708-922-4311

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    you know, growing up with analog radios my whole life I never considered that there were belts in there controlling the presets and tuner. I mean, I knew it wasn't fairy magic moving the tuner indicator back and forth, but I never actually considered how it worked... If you don't want someone to rebuild it for you, there must be electronics repair places around that can point you to the right source, or even sell you the parts. I like doing things myself, so I can understand you wanting to take on the challenge. Once it's apart, though, a professional might be able to replace some other things that are prone to failing, or wear out, like the backlights inside, amplifiers, they might even be able to do some upgrades for you, like adding a pigtail for a secondary input like a phone or iPod so you can use your original radio with something other than a cassette tape! Just a thought, good luck with fixing it!

    Oh, you might also consider a junkyard, I'm not sure which vehicles these radios were put in, but it wouldn't be like Ford to have a specialty radio for just one car. I'd bet you can find the same unit in lots of cars and trucks, might be easier than fixing the one you have.

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