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    Default 1986 Mustang GT Conv. - 5-spd - 48k Original Miles - $5200 OBO

    I'm needing to sell my 86' Mustang GT "barn find" I found a couple of years ago by shear luck driving out in the country with my oldest son. We had actually stopped to look at a 91' Mustang convertible this older gentleman was selling parked in his yard, which was a 4 cylinder I didn't have any interest in. He then he told me about the other one he had in the back of his old carport that had boxes and junk all over and around it. I couldn't believe it when we got it out in the light what it actually was. Of course the car was not driven for about 10 yrs and the man's story was he bought it from his brother who was in need of money and intended to give to his daughter for her first car. She ended up not wanting to drive it so he kept it for himself. Being a truck driver he didn't drive it much while he had it so he parked it to restore later on. His wife had developed cancer later on so the car had to go. I ended up buying it on the spot and had it towed home.

    To get the car going I had to do a few things to it. I put a new fuel tank, fuel pump & fuel sending unit on it to start. The old tank was full of varnish smelling gas and I was not about to attempt to run it with that. Rats got into some of the wiring under the hood but luckily not much was touched but a couple of fuel injector wires and a few other splices here and there. I replaced all of the coolant, oil/oil filter, new cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires then topped off the brake and power steering fluid. The valve cover gaskets needed replacing so I took care of that. Lastly I put in a new battery and the car fired straight off! I did have to bypass the hot water heater as it was shot and rusted out but I couldn't find any other major things wrong with the car. I still cannot believe how well this car held up over the years and how it survived with all of it's original parts. The top was replaced a few years ago, does not leak and is still very good condition. The man I bought it from took the hydrolic pump out to fix the 91' Mustang he was selling so it's missing that. I haven't done anything w/ the A/C as that is beyond my skill level but I've researched that it can take the newer coolant with a conversion kit. Someone else will have to tackle that.

    This car is not in mint condition just so we understand that. I scrubbed the car inside and out to get it looking (and smelling) like it does now. The paint is original and there are the usual door dings and rust in all the common places but not in bad shape at all. It's going to need parts like new seals around the windows, window motor work (have parts for that) vacuum hoses under the dash that work the vents, heater core, top pump and A/C work as I mentioned already, and a few non-expensive easy to find things in and around the interior.

    This car is in very restorable condition and I want it to go to someone that's going to invest the TLC it needs to be new again. I've put over 1200 miles on it driving it on the weekends and a couple of long road trips with the kids. It is a very fun car to drive and it turns a lot of heads. I've been driving & working on Mustangs since I was 16 and this was my dream car in the 80's. I have an 05' GT now and a 1966 I'm restoring I need the money and room for. The car is located in Anna, TX. My name is Mike and you can reach me at 903-271-8548 - preferably by text - if you are interested. You can also email me at I have more pics I can send. Thanks! --Mike

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    Mike, welcome.

    I like to read the car ads posted on this forum, and I'm often critical of the (lack of) effort most people put into their effort to sell something worth thousands of dollars. Most Craigslist ads look like maybe 30 seconds of half-hearted effort. Thus, I commend you for taking the time to offer a lengthy description of the car and its story, including its deficiencies. Plus three pics and an invitation to see more.

    I'm not a buyer but good luck with sale.
    Bob in Lebanon, TN
    79 original owner six cylinder coupe
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    Nice looking car. Good luck with the sale.

    Those who read my posts already know how I feel about replacing the heater cores in the factory AC cars.

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    Thanks Bob! I love talking to people about the car and how we came by it. I'm sure it's going to find another good home and the right person is out there somewhere. Have a good one! --Mike

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    Lol - I've read plenty about replacing the heater cores in these models - enough that I just drive it when it's warm outside ; )

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