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    Great turn out for just a meeting!

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    Countdown is on! Only 65 days left until the show!

    We are a bit nervous, but hope we have a great turnout for the show! Hope to see you there!
    1984 Mustang LX Convertible 3.8L V-6/Auto (SOLD)
    1984 Mustang GT Hatchback 5.0 V-8/5 Speed

    I'm an FEP Supporter and proud of it. Are you?

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    I'm registered! This will be the last hurrah for the old engine.

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI T-5 (Mustang LWB)
    '17 Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB
    '14 Ford Fusion SE Manual

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    Brock, I talked to John about this about an hour ago and he advised me to call him back in a week so he could get some more info about the trailer and where I could stay for a couple of nights, additionally, my wife and I have to work out the logistics to attend this event and be there for the meet and greet. We have to figure out how to have someone watch our two bassett hounds and no, we're not bringing them.

    I want to help you guys out on this if I can, plus, I need to get away from all this current madness that's going on. The last time I loaded up the trailer and went away was in Feb. 2017 at the World of Wheels in Milwaukee.

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    Double post, sorry.
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