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    Default Power steering pump fluid

    After running a 15 minute track session, I have excessive fluid spraying out of the vent on the power steering pump cap. It's quite a bit, enough that it's dripping off the hood, on the valve cover and firewall. My guesses are it's either heating up to much(boiling) or from high rpm. Is there a remedy for this issue? Should I run less fluid for the track? I'm guessing it's not a good idea to plug the vent.?

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    Is the loop cooler installed? If you do maybe change it to a fin style cooler.
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    Don't plug the vent. Run the fuild a little lower and use a good fluid. I use the BG stuff. A better cooler is a good upgrade.
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    Yes , the loop cooler is there. What about a larger diameter pulley to slow it down? Is it venting from excess heat or high rpm, or both?

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    I had the same problem.

    I regularly shift at 6100-6250 as I run an aftermarket intake and headers..... I now run a fin style cooler and synthetic PS fluid and an underdrive pulley set-- crank, waterpump, alternator. I have had some cooling problems with the underdrive because the water pump needed more R's. Summit sells a clone to the 93 cobra pulley that solves that problem. The UPR underdrive pulley set and the summit pulley-- should solve your problem. Uses a 1993 cobra belt.

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    3.8 serpentine belts use the same larger "overdrive" pulley.

    I use atf on all my cars.
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