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    Default Finally got my 11 sec pass!

    Took my car to track one last time for this season tryin to finally meet my goals for this year.

    Multiple races this year I got the car into the 12.0hs at 115-116 in full True Street trim. That was one goal I had for the year to set the car up to be competitive in NMRA/NMCA True Street 12.00 class. My own driving skills and blower belt issues are the only things that kept me out of the money but still happy to be competing.

    I still drive the car to work almost everyday which is 100 miles round trip and I love the crap out of it!

    But I really wanted that 11 sec pass! So I loaded up and headed to Milan Dragway for one last try.

    My biggest thing holding me back this year has been very high intake temps from blower and my Microsquirt pulling timing out starting at 180* temps. I was seeing 200+ degree temps on every pass. So I turned off the MAT Timing Correction and put a bottle of octane booster in fuel. First pass off the trailer I went 11.97 at 114mph!

    I made some tire pressure and shock adjustments along with pulling some fuel out since it was runnin rich in the 10.7-11.1 afr range. I ended up meeting my goals pretty solid!

    Best ET of the day was a 11.82 and best MPH was 118.8!

    Brian R. of Michigan
    83 TBird 5.0
    88 Ranger 2.3t

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    Sweet! Congrats on making it into the 11s
    85 GT - owned since 87

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    Congrats! Have you considered an intercooler or meth injection (or both)? I guess an intercooler does require a bunch more plumbing for that setup.
    '83 Mustang GL notchback - 3.8 C5
    '92 Mustang LX hatchback - 2.3 T5 (2.3t soon)

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    CONGRATULATIONS! Busting into the 11's with a car you can drive anywhere is a HUGE accomplishment!

    Just a few thoughts on going even faster. Have you considered icing down the intake and tubing before your runs? What about an ice box to draw air through?
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    Congratulations on breaking into the 11's. Pretty awesome to have an 11 second DD!

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    I have a Snow stage 2 meth kit on the car I have tried a few times and it just didn't offer me any gains. I'm using it pre-blower with smallest nozzle and it barely dropped temps. Unfortunately I'm out of time to play with it more. I'm thinking of taking it off and building my own air to water aftercooler like the one Vortech sells. I just cant spend $2000+ on the Vortech setup when I'm sure I can build the same for much less. I really only need it for the track since street driving keeps enough air flow moving through it to keep temps down to a much safer 140* { same as my buddies ProCharged 5.0 with front mount}. I don't like the one front mount kit out there because it requires almost all of the fender apron forward the passenger strut tower to be cut out to pass all the tubing through. I'm not hacking the car apart for that.
    Brian R. of Michigan
    83 TBird 5.0
    88 Ranger 2.3t

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    Hmms..... Air/air intercooler shot with NOS nosels to make it artificially cold?

    Simplest is pack the intake upper in dry ice immediately before each run.

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