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    Default 1984 Mustang SSP FHP $5800

    First post on here in awhile -- figured I'd sell my current fox on the first car forum I ever joined. The car is located in Austerlitz, NY 12017. I am about 20 minutes from Lebanon Valley Speedway and 40 minutes from Albany, NY. I bought the car for $6000 earlier this year, drove it for about 2500 miles this summer before it started burning oil really bad. Pretty sure it just needs a new set of rings. I'm moving to Montana next month and not having this car will make the move easier.

    The Good:
    Former Florida Highway Patrol car. No rust on the undercarriage or quarters. Little bit of surface rust on the drivers fender. Was repainted black in 2008 (used to be Black and Tan). Never seen snow. Original drive train. 3.08 posi from the factory. Original 5.0 5spd car. I have all the radios and lights for the car (uninstalled) also have unused Florida Highway Patrol decals for the doors and hood. Has just about 75k on the odometer.

    I'm only selling because I'm moving -- don't need to sell but it'll make life easier. I have tons of maintenance records and a Marti report on the car and an original build sheet. New coil, serpentine belt, and idler pulley this summer. Oil changed every 3k or start of the season.

    Original AC car. Not a perfect car but a very solid SSP foxbody with a some pretty rare options (most SSP's have been turned into drag cars because of the factory reinforcement and/or were automatics.)

    The Bad:
    Motor needs tune up (got brand new motorcraft plugs, wires, dizzy cap and rotor in boxes)
    Needs paint - the paint job in 08 has not held up. Has several chips on the driver side and slight dings and imperfections throughout.
    They did not paint the jams or the inside of the trunk when it was resprayed.
    Interior is pretty clean, dash is cracked, driver seat has a tear, and the trim is all faded. Plus there are holes where the radios and stuff were screwed in.
    It doesn't have A/C lines or a condenser - it does have a compressor tho (not sure if it works obviously).

    Sometime between when it was delivered to the FHP and 2008 it has a hood scoop put on it -- I think it looks mean as all hell personally, but it wasn't original to the car according to the build sheet.
    "Powered by Ford" finned valve covers
    Accel Superstock Coil

    Exterior and Interior pictures
    Undercarriage and misc pictures
    Pre-2008 paint job pictures

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    Nice looking car. I would love another SSP. The 84 SSP that I had suffered similar engine issues. Most police cars sit idling on the side of rode and the engines have many more hours on them than their miles indicate. Mine had only 94k miles on it when it broke a ring. Luckily I bought it after the owner's father had a Ford reman enigne installed at a dealer 1500 miles from home then had to towed back to Seattle.

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    Nice car, PM sent.

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    Car is still for sale guys. Car is located in upstate NY at my parents house, meanwhile I'm out in the big ol state of Montana.

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    Great opportunity to pick up a very rare SSP.
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    Hi all. Been a while since I've been on. I ended up buying this. Hoping to pick up soon.

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    Hi y'all. I'm on here quite a bit. I ended up buying this. I did pick it up.
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