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    This was an 82 RS Turbo Ihad traded for a KX 500 I had. I loved the car and I think I somehow got one of the good ones as far as the carbed turbos were concerned... it always ran/idled perfect,and I had the boost turned up to 13 psi. Unfortunately, back then I was too stupid to know that that was alot of boost for 9:1, NO intercooling, pump gas, etc... and it eventually popped a head gasket. I junked the car, because he front framerails were fubar'd.

    It was totally gutted inside cept for two seats... no console.. had a carpet tho.. but sway bar, sound insul, etc gone... I tied a 1980 TA with a rebuilt 1970 olds 455 in it.. lol.. and beat [badly] a 79 Capri 302 T5 3.73s but still the stock 140 HP 302.. 2bbl. This was in 1993...

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    84 SVO - $1400 in mods, 11.81@ 116 MPH, 1.58 60'. - back to stock, sold
    1989 S-10 - my DD

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