All links are those taken from the former Mercury Rising club area and have been checked immediately prior to posting.

130A 3G Alternator Upgrade
ASC McLaren Motorsport Grand Prix IV Capri Registry
5.0 Mustang and Super Fords
The Infamous CapriCam Site
ASC Incorporated
ASC McLaren Group on Yahoo
Alternative Auto
Anderson Ford Motorsport
B&M Racing and Performance Products
Baer Brake Systems
Brothers Performance Warehouse
Western Motorsports
Living In America/Mutant Mustang 79-86 Capri Overview
Capri World EZboard
Central Coast Mustang
Coast High Performance
D&D Performance (tranny gods)
Dallas Mustang
Diversified Products Marketing
Downs Ford
Dugan Racing
Ford Racing
Fox Lake
HP Motorsport
Holcomb Motorsport
International Mercury Owners Assn
JC Whitney
Fletch's Carbureted 5.0 Mustangs
Kar Kraft Engineering
Kenne Bell
Kenny Brown
Mustang Brake Upgrades
Mercury Capri Club of South Florida
Mike Martinelli's 85 ASC McLaren
Mike Croke's Capri
Ford Muscle
Mustang Parts Specialties
Mustangs Unlimited
Mustang Works
Polishing Tutorial
Nitto Tire
Ohio Valley Capri Central
Paxton Automotive
Performance Parts, Inc.
Convertible Tops Online
Powered By Ford
Probe Industries
Graphics Express Capri Page
Spoilers 4 Less
Summit Racing
Heater Core replacement tutorial
Griggs Racing
Green Sales - Obsolete FoMoCo parts
capri86302's website
Maier Racing - Capri Hoods, etc.
Showcars Bodyparts Unlimited
Texas Mustang