I'm using this forum to restore the lost links and photos from the old club site. I saved all the pics and kept their original folder titles. The thread title will serve as the old folder title. For example, there will be a thread "79 Capris" and in there will be all the 79 Capris that were in that particular folder at the old Yahoo site. I only have that information to go on.

I will post all the links, and all the links will have been checked to make sure they work. Dead links have been deleted.

For now, this forum will be archive only. It may be expanded to include updates in the future, posting of new pictures by members, etc. Or, it may disappear if I am able to put up a webpage in it's place that does all the same things.

This is the easiest way I can restore what I have at present, though.

Feel free to post about it on the Merc Rising message board.