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    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
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    I don't really have a problem with any of the differences between any of the 79-86 four eyed foxes. What gets me is that it's very difficult to know even a majority of the differences.

    If you put an 86GT 5-speed next to an 89 LX sport convertible or an 86GT convertible I can tell you just about every difference because I have owned them in reasonably stock unmolested forms.

    Want to talk 85GT 5 speed cars vs 86GT 5 speed cars? Sure -- all day, no problem.

    Want to deep dive in differences between the different years of CFI cars? Or talk year by year and change by change and option by option detailed differences between 79 and 80 or 80 and 81 or 81 and 82 or 82 and 83 or 83 and 84 or 84 and 85, etc, at some point wish us all good luck!

    Also at some point in some classes you want to throw correctness out the window and judge the car on the merits of what it is. When you see an 85 that the owner has masterfully changed to MAF EFI in a way that is so well executed that it appears factory, the people judging cars have to tip their hat to the people building cars -- they deserve a lot of credit for what they've accomplished.

    Lots of thoughts and angles on this going through my mind. At the end of the day my cars don't have to please anyone but me. Yet with that angle why would anyone ever show their car!
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