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    Default 79-81 pedal set (all 3 pedals)

    These were removed from a 1980 4-cylinder car yesterday. I'm swapping them out for a V8 set. Asking $120 shipped to your door.

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    Never knew there was a difference in pedal sets between 4cyl and 8. Interesting to learn.
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    As far as I know, there is no differance between 4 or 8 cylinder pedals. Howeverm, sometime in the early 80s, the pedal and clutch cable design was changed. The 78 Fairmont/79 Mustang up until the change, used a non quadrant clutch pedal which used a lever with a pin, with worked in conjuntion with a clutch cable that had a eyelet at the pedal end, and a threaded section at the clutch fork end, for adjusting the cable. Years ago, when I converted my 85 Mustang from a 4 cyl automatic, to a 302 stickshift (first a T5, later a Jerico 4 speed), I used the pedals from a 79 Mustang 4 cylinder, and a clutch cable from a 302 V8 79 Mustang. This setup works great, and requires no quadrant or firewall adjuster. I have also used the early pedal/cable setup on 3 different V8 stickshift swaps over the years. I actualy prefer the early pedals. If I didn`t already have a couple more on hand I would buy these to install in future swaps. There really was no reason to change these for a V8 swap.
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    As mcfairmont said, there is not quadrant on the 4-cylinder pedals. There also isn't an electrical connection on the clutch either. I assume this is a "clutch in" signal to the EFI to be able to start, or maybe to the cruise control to disengage. I didn't recognize they were different until I took them out myself and sat them sde by side. If I didn't want to switch to a factory EFI system, it may be easier to keep the simple ones...

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    The pedal difference is year model not engine specific.

    The 79-81 cars did not have the clutch quadrant on the pedal assembly.

    The 82-93 cars do have the clutch quadrant on the pedal assembly.

    The engine installed in the car is not the deciding factor it is what year model the vehicle is. You can swap the pedal assembly back and forth if wanted/needed. GLWS

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    Bump. Send me an offer if you want them. They are just collecting dust.

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