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    Default 1985 factory antenna

    I need a new antenna for my 85 Saleen but all I see is aftermarket stuff and I want factory looking original. Does anyone know where I can get a correct one?

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    Have any pic-a-part yards near you? I'm sure any Ford car or truck from the mid-late 80's would be correct....or correct enough? I have a Fox parts guy near me that probably has one and ships parts daily....he's on Facebook in all the Fox groups. His name is Frank Ross (Franklin, IN) if you want to message him.
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    My radio end broke off, had to get a RS repair connector.
    Oh well, old wires wear out.
    Been looking at the NPD offering. Fair price too.

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    Yeah. That's what I need. The plug does not work or apparently makes contact properly into the radio. Aftermarket replacement anyway. I will pick one of those up.

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