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    Default Rear control arms

    Looking to replace my stock rear control arms on my 82 gt
    .Looking for recommendations? Lmr has sve . are they any good?. Thanks

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    Virtually any of the tubular control arms are outstanding compared to stock.

    You have to watch bushing type on the ends. Also a panhard or watts link is a great idea to eliminate bind. Battle boxes are a great idea too.

    Personally I ditched my rear sway bar and went to 4 cyl LX rear springs. Is 1000x better than it was factory in terms of street manners.
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    I just purchased the sve rca and tqb supports . Went with them for cost and because they have rubber bushings. Being installed next week.

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    I just installed SVE RCAs on my wife's 86 LV convertible along with some springs yesterday. I have to tell you that I was impressed. Definitely felt firmer but not harsh. I'm sure the springs were tired and the new ones helped alot but I was impressed with the SVEs.

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    I've had the SVE RCA's on my 84 for a year now and I love them for the price I paid. Well...I should say that I used the SVE lower arms only and rebuilt the upper factory control arms with new rubber bushings and also new rubber bushings in the axle. The ride improved considerably with minimal harshness. All in all I would say it was an excellent purchase for the budget minded person with a stock to mild build.

    One word of advice though. Make sure you use plenty of PTFE bushing grease when installing to avoid any annoying squeaks and so forth. They do not send much with the kit and it's not enough IMHO. While SVE says that their bushings are a rubber compound, I'm not taking any chances. Lube is good.

    I bought a couple tubes of this stuff, from Harbor Freight of all places:
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    It is the same stuff the poly bushing manufacturers sell, but at a heck of a lot lower cost. I believe I paid about $5 a tube. Well worth it and it works great on window mechanisms, tracks and so forth.
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