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    I was running a coated flex hose the I made between my MAF and throttle body. It's been coming loose and leaking air every time I turn around which lets in unmetered air -- leans the hell out of the engine.

    What cold air kits are any of the factory style EFI guys running?

    I have a typhoon EFI and 65MM throttlebody and 70MM cobra MAF. Using factory 89-93 MAF bracket mounted in stock location. Running a MM strut tower brace.

    I ordered a cheepo cold air kit so I would have a decent line from MAF to throttle body. The piece of crap hits the brace and the strut tower and is torquing on the MAF. And the stock air box with my K&N won't go back in. Running a cone filter on the MAF for now - really crappy!

    the only good news is the car runs better than it had been every time I turned around. Got some good 0-60 and 0-100 pulls in and it ran strong all the way to the rev limiter....
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    I'd love some input on a cold air kit. One that clears a MM strut tower brace when used with a tall intake like the Typhoon. Preferably one that would let me retain the factory airbox or draws air from inside the fender through a large conical element.

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    I prefer the stock airbox on a stockish engine. I actually had a cold air kit once and hit a big puddle and sucked water up into the engine and hydrolocked it.. The stock airbox is basically a cold air kit.. Just me
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    I agree that the stock box does quite well. The stock intake lines are poor as on my 89 as I could measure several inches of vacuum inside the inlet pipe at the throttlebody even when there was no connection between the MAF and the airbox or no element in the box. I've avoided the stock lines because of this.

    I was hoping there was a cold air pipe setup that has a smooth transition from throttle body to MAF and fits under the MM strut tower brace.

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    I had this set up on my 88 LSC.
    It replaced the stock filter box.
    Ourobos is right with the intake under the bumper you need to watch what you drive in or over
    In the winter when it was my only working vehicle i would have to remove it and leave the hose in the fender
    The filter was easy to remove for cleaning
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    Was thinking more-so about the pipe from MAF to throttlebody as that is where I am having fitment issues.

    Based upon the CFM measurements I've seen for a stock airbox with no silencer .... once there is a K&N there it is sufficient for a 65MM TB and a 70MM MAF. No danger of running out of air until you get into larger bore MAFs and throttle bodies.

    But the problem is fitment. My current pipe fits like crap and doesn't allow me to use the stock air box.
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    I noticed K&N makes a kit that's all plastic plumbing. It just might have enough flex in it to fit half way decent.

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