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    Default electrical dead ends.......

    I am reinstalling the wiring on my 84 mustang. Been a long restoration and I lost about 500 pics I took of the tear down (especially wiring harnesses) when a hard drive crashed.

    Any ideas what/where these go? Couple loose ends on my interior wiring.

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    I pulled this from under the steering column. There is a ground screw in it as well. Can't remember where it hooked up or what attached to it.

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    this comes off the main harness coming from the firewall. it is the only end from the engine bay I can't find a home for. It shows 3 wires in the pic but there is a 4th, all black no dashes.
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    this comes off the fuse box

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    Details.... 84 mustang but built in Nov. of 83, no air or cruise, t-5
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    Good looking car! Good luck with your build. I am tearing into the wiring on my 85, but it's different, so I don' t think I can help.
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    That brown one looks like a connector for a relay.

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    I just completed this portion on my 84, but I would have to go back through my notes at the house to help you out. I'm positive I have the answers for you, just not in front of me.
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    Pic 1 - unsure

    Pic 2 - relay connection for A/C. I removed this since my car was factory non a/c and not used.

    Pic 3 - same as above

    Pic 4- L/F dash speaker
    1984 Mustang LX Convertible 3.8L V-6/Auto (SOLD)
    1984 Mustang GT Hatchback 5.0 V-8/5 Speed

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    thanks for the insight. Spent the afternoon chasing down wires and pouring over the wiring diagrams.

    I came to similar conclusions as you did. AC and stereo speaker wire. So I finished the day wiring in my 3rd brake light and reinstalling the instrument pane.

    I also saw your thread on your wire clean up. Poured over it some to help me think some things through.

    From the color of your car, you might recognize this interior...........

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    That first pic is the bracket that holds all of the plugs close to the steering column. It needs to be screwed to one of the brackets behind the dash. I need to mount mine again, if I get it done, I will post a pic for you.
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