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    Those are about impossible to find. And I have a 5.0L on my stand. But I had to LOL and smile when I read it...

    now i I know what Trey was thinking....... what's in it for me.....

    It would be an interesting little build with a SC 3.8. About 150 lbs lighter up front and around the same power potential as a N/A 5.0.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic50 View Post
    Too bad they don't offer a black center....
    Apparently you didn't read the entire webpage.

    Name:  ESR Wheels.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davedacarpainter View Post
    I think since it's a mish mash possibly, you should throw a supercoupe engine in it

    With you doing that and Trey putting a new full floor pan in his I should be set up with following your guys examples with my blue car

    Now if Brock will just accept the truth that he needs a Ron Francis full harness, I should be set for the rest of my build.
    No! on the full floor pan and its too bad that I wasn't on FEP back when I first got my PC back on the road as it has a full Ron Francis wiring kit in it.
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    lol - yea ..... I should read more carefully on that one for sure. One thing..... it sounds expensive.

    I am close to having a direction decided. I have to make sure when this 85 is done I don't have more in it than its worth. I should probably plan to do a quick build that's nice but not crazy expensive then I can play with it while I'm doing a much bigger build on my 86.

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    I know where my thoughts got derailed on suspension stuff a little. I remembered that the 85 Saleens did had Racecraft springs did have a different brand shocks/struts-- not Racecraft. They had Bilstein shocks/struts. Interesting. Did they make quadshocks.

    [Edit - Saleen used Bilstein on some 85s and later in 85 Koni]

    Here's an article referencing the 85 Saleen Racecraft setup:

    I just looked at the price on springs and shocks and struts. Made me smile all over again.

    I'll get a build thread going on this car soon.
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    My thoughts on this car was more likely it was used as a race car. That would explain the Koni's over the bilsteins. Somebody spent some money on that car. Doubtful it was a wrecked Saleen swap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davedacarpainter View Post

    Now if Brock will just accept the truth that he needs a Ron Francis full harness, I should be set for the rest of my build.
    What would be the fun in that? Nothing is more satisfying than turning circles with Ford's crappy wiring and electrical schematics. It's hair raising excitement!
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    Just found info that in 85 some went out the door with Koni towards the tail end of the production year. One example referenced earlier in this thread. Fun.

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    I have 85-132. It has Koni quad shocks but Bilstein shocks and struts.

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    Fun! Almost like the stock was used until gone then they went to the next supplier

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    I would love to have this one

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    Glad to get acquainted with you Mike.

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    Just a note on the springs/shocks/struts. Racecraft suspension was the term Saleen gave to suspension components they selected to work together on their cars. This gets confusing because now-days there is a Racecraft shock and strut available and Saleen sells them. The originals shock/strut were Bilstein. Some of the 85 started seeing some Koni. Koni showed up on quad-shock duty before anywhere else based upon input from many.

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