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    Default first engine build-351 windsor

    starting my first engine build we are rebuilding a 351 windsor for my 86 four eye for when i turn 16

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    lol sorry having trouble making the pictures straight

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    Nice choice. That's a 69 or 70 engine, are you planning on using the heads also?

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    351 is cool. Hint:It could become a 408!

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    its a 70-71 engine and i bought a set of edelbrock aluminum heads i plan to try and sell the stock heads it was a running motor, it just had alot of miles on it it is a virgin block - never been touched

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    yes sir!!! being 15 my budget isnt to great but i see it being a 408 in the future i bought a set of edelbrock aluminum heads and a ton of new stuff for the motor it will be badass should be able to put me back in my seat!!

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    Not that you need a lecture, but be careful. I almost killed myself repeatedly in a '68 Mustang with a woppin' 200HP 302 at 16. An aluminum headed 351 in a Fox could be a bit squirrely.
    1983 Mustang G.T. No-option stripper- I like strippers.
    5.0, GT40P heads, Comp Cams XE270HR-12 on 1.6 rockers, TFI spring kit, Weiand 174 blower, Holley 750 mechanical secondarys, Mishimoto radiator, Edelbrock street performer mechanical pump, BBK shortys, T-5 conversion, 8.8 rear, 3.73 gears, carbon fiber clutches, SS Machine lowers, Maximum Motorsport XL subframes, "B" springs.

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    haha yes sir

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    Be sure to calculate your compression ratio. I used to have a bad habit of not doing that and oh boy did some of my motors end up with compression .... and gasket problems.

    Premuim fuel only sucks on high schooler's budget.

    Get the strongest pushrods you can afford and don't cheap out on springs or retainers.

    Dont waste your time or money on long tube headers. 351's have way more low end torque than you really want anyway.
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    Hereís the 418w stroker in my husbandís 86. Good luck!

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    Dream big.. My last 418w

    Name:  418w3.JPG
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    1986 CHP SSP Coupe

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    Every Mustang should have come with a Three Five One. The Windsor is a refined engine that is two steps ahead of the steering and chassis.

    Jackie Stewart should have been given the mandate to re-eingineer all of Fords platforms after 1993. The work he did with sorting out the 1983 Thunderbird Turbo and SVO and LSC were the right initiives. Its always sad when you have to hire some Tartn clad kilt wearing git to fix the steeering, brakes and tires, but I'll bet the Limey AC car company didn't like it when a Le Mans winning Texan Chicken Farmer taught the English how to make 170 mph V8 Fords beat Ferraris and win on every continent.

    The key to safety with a 351 Fox is in using the ignition as a Valet mode. erratic50 has talked about it before with his sons 5.0.

    Like riffles, martial arts or a miss used bread knife, everything has potential to harm. What is a 1100 cc 5 valve per cylinder 150 Hp motorcylce? Lethal if miss-used.

    The solution to happiness with the Windsor is balance. I'd never use a limited slip axle in a car that doesn't have torsinoal ridgitiy. Nor would I over tire it. You earn your spurs with a 1 horsepower per 10 pound car, and once you've gotten it, its like the joy of the hunt, the half Napoleon, or sliceing the turkey. Or riding that bad bike in the rain after a weeks worth of hot weather.

    I love the way the 1970 Boss Mustang feels with a Detriot locker, Magnum 500 15 X 7's and 215/60 15 series replacment radials. Torsional ridgity and low end torque isn't an issue with a close ratio 3.91:1 axle car. There is a lot more weight, and a lot less Big Block style off the mark grunt. When the 79-93 Mustang got a full house 5.0, it didn't ever get the old style limited slip axles, but it did get MUCH better rolling stock. Torsional ridgity, it never fixed. The quadra shock, the earlier slapper bars, the better spring and shoker combos with dfast ratio power steering and the whole K member geometery update for 1987 were to aid roadabilty.

    It's you car, learn and do with it what you will. I'd pull out igntion timing on the street, and run big rear "HissinStang" tires with no limited slip rear axle, and in coil air bags so you can cart your friends around. Be an awesome driver. The Explorer 16 x 8 wheels are very light, and they don't hop over bumps. In the Front, get some modifications to run 16 x 7's, anduse the earlier lower geared rack and pinion steering.

    The key to making a Mustang work is how Canadian~Australian Mustang and Falcon Hartop racer Alan Moffat made his cars point and grip with 4 turns lock to lock 16:1 ratio steering and his TransAm Mustang wheels and it was about balance, and car control.

    Be like me, Go to a Ford Advanced Driver School like it did when I was 32. Driver training won't ever save your life, why? because g-o-o-d car drivers are always taught how to threashold the brakes, tires, and they often get over inspired and push things harder than they should do on public roads. But Alan Moffat and Dick Johnson are old piolots, not bold ones. Its not about skills, its about sense. A 16 year old can often have more sense than a 61 year old. Arrongance kills drivers, it pushes the driver beyound the "sensible" barrier.

    I've done many fatiality surveys, as a Lab Technician for the NZ LTSA.

    Its not Horespower that kills, its people pushing the envelope more by not being sensible. Being sensible is about not breaking traction on purpose, not speeding, and not ever getting out of shape on the public road.

    Run an open wheeler axle for a few years, then save up for Battle Boxes, an ARB locker, and a good MM axle upgrade.Lock the axle when you need tractioon.

    I love Detroit Lockers, but they are for early Fords with stiff chasiss, and the modern light car isn't made that way.

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    It's not how fast you go, but how you go fast...

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    It's not how fast you go, but how you go fast...

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