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    Default first engine build-351 windsor

    starting my first engine build we are rebuilding a 351 windsor for my 86 four eye for when i turn 16

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    lol sorry having trouble making the pictures straight

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    Nice choice. That's a 69 or 70 engine, are you planning on using the heads also?

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    351 is cool. Hint:It could become a 408!

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    its a 70-71 engine and i bought a set of edelbrock aluminum heads i plan to try and sell the stock heads it was a running motor, it just had alot of miles on it it is a virgin block - never been touched

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    yes sir!!! being 15 my budget isnt to great but i see it being a 408 in the future i bought a set of edelbrock aluminum heads and a ton of new stuff for the motor it will be badass should be able to put me back in my seat!!

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    Not that you need a lecture, but be careful. I almost killed myself repeatedly in a '68 Mustang with a woppin' 200HP 302 at 16. An aluminum headed 351 in a Fox could be a bit squirrely.
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    haha yes sir

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    Be sure to calculate your compression ratio. I used to have a bad habit of not doing that and oh boy did some of my motors end up with compression .... and gasket problems.

    Premuim fuel only sucks on high schooler's budget.

    Get the strongest pushrods you can afford and don't cheap out on springs or retainers.

    Dont waste your time or money on long tube headers. 351's have way more low end torque than you really want anyway.
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    Hereís the 418w stroker in my husbandís 86. Good luck!

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    Dream big.. My last 418w

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