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    Default 1986 Black convertible GT, gray leather 5 speed, 21000 miles, clean

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    Yet another owner who probably does not intend to deceive anyone but doesn't realize that these cars never came with a 140MPH speedo. In fact, it's likely HE is the one who got deceived.

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    Looks like a great car...very nice. I think it was ordered new by a Ford employee since the Marti Report says "A" plan.

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    Did the leather seats ever come with the halo headrest or is that something people swapped out? I have seen a few leather seats with halos, not many.

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    nope. No halos on the leather seats for some very bizarre, unknown but likely weird reason.

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    Pretty car, but $14,500? I hope he's not in a hurry.

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    yeah, I love the leather with the 5 speed, if I had room for it I might be tempted

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    Gonna be hard to prove that mileage and command top $$ with an aftermarket speedo and aftermarket exhaust....those tail pipes are not protruding at the correct angle, so either something in that system has been replaced.

    And now I see this "The car is completely stock other than the mounted wheels and the exhaust; it currently has dual straight pipes and sounds nice, but not too loud. I have the original factory dual exhaust in 2-single piece units, all intact, which could make for an easy swap out if you want to quiet it down a bit."
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