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    Default Sn95 prices

    I have the opportunity to get 95 v6 spindles calipers rotors,and the rear brakes also for 275 .I haven't seen the parts but does that sound like a fair price if in good condition. It's going to go on 85gt. Thanks

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    Yes. I paid that for just the spindles and hubs. Although they are brand new old stock

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    If you look a little bit you might get the whole car with a 5 speed for not much more... around here anyway

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    It's true! People are leaving them for dead. We jokingly call 94-95's parts cars when we see one. There are plenty out there that won't go far without their rearends, spindles, and rims. And in some cases, T5's although many like to rob those from 99-04's.

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    Paid $50 for front spindles and hubs from LKQ and $35 for both from calipers from an 02. Bought the whole rearend out of an 01 GT for $65 from LKQ and it had the whole brake setup. When I pulled it I made sure the e brake cables were intact.

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